This thing called love…

This thing called love is a fickle beast. It’s warm and gentle. It’s hurtful and rude at times. It’s sweet and innocent or jealous and spiteful. Loving someone can hurt, if it’s unrequited. Sometimes even requited love can hurt. Love teaches us about ourselves and others. It, also, shows our loved ones how we feel. Love has many different faces, words, and actions. Sometimes love looks like a mom tying her child’s shoe, or a dad teaching his son to catch. It’s a parent making their young adult child learn from their own mistakes and supporting them in their decisions afterwards. It’s a girlfriend holding her boyfriend’s hand during hard times. It’s a husband holding his wife’s hand during childbirth. It’s a friend telling you that you’ve made a big mistake. It’s your child wiping the tears away when they catch you crying…over spilled milk, of course. It’s giving your loved one space when needed, and being with them when you know they shouldn’t be alone. 

The most important thing about love is that it is. Love is. 

Love is. 



What you see is what you get

I’m more than just a pair of breasts

I’m a brain with knowledge

I’m a heart with feelings

What you see is what you get

I’m more than a piece of ass

I’m a lover who’ll never leave

I’m the mother of your children

What you see is what you get

I’m a woman who is plain and simple

I’m football and friends on Sunday

I’m cuddling by the fire

What you see is what you get

I’m more than a night on the town

I’m comfort when you’re sick

I’m a warm embrace when you’re sad

I’m listening when you need to vent

What you see is what you get

I’m honesty when you want it

I’m the truth when you need it

I’m your cheerleader when you’re defeated

I’m yours and you better believe it