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I Was Questioned By The Police

I’ve never seen a man knit before either, but this guy took an awkward situation & made it funny. Way to go & rock on, dude! I, for one, can’t knit to save my life, but I can crochet (okay, so I only know two stitches lol). I think it’s pretty cool for this guy to say “who cares what anyone else thinks,” and do his own thing. If there were more men like him, do you think society would be more open to doing away with gender roles & possibly have gender equality? My hope is yes, but I’m sure the probability of that happening in my lifetime is very slim.

Have a nice day, and I hope you all get a kick out this story 🙂

Mad Man Knitting

I’m sitting at Starbucks, which I rarely do. Its hard to knit there. I lot of people still find it weird for a man to be knitting in public. But, for us fellas that knit, its nothing short of ordinary. There are MANY people that see us, see what we’re doing and find themselves asking us lots of questions. And they have no problem stopping to ask questions while you’re in the middle of counting.

I’ve been asked on numerous occasion in email if I ever go out to knit with groups or have knitting friends. Sadly, I don’t. I’m too busy counting. I can’t lift my head from the stitches to hear what’s being said. I’m so focused. I’m there with the rows, both knit side and purl sides facing with the work, and the rest of the world falls away into….well, nothing.

So, I’m at said Starbucks working…

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