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It’s that way.

Love this blog! He’s an out of the box type of thinker 🙂

The Paperbook Blog

I have a confession to make.

I totally judge a book by its cover. I mean that literally, not metaphorically, although I’m sure I am guilty of that far too often as well.

But whenever I am in a book store, or in a library, or at a friend’s house, or even scrolling through the WordPress Reader, I am far more likely to be drawn to a book whose cover instantly appeals to me. Similarly, I am likely to skip over a book whose cover I hate, despite the possibility that I might enjoy the book itself.

Disgusting, isn’t it.

I do the same with book titles. If the title is catchy and clever, I’ll immediately give the book a chance. With me, it’s all about first impressions.

I like strong, simple, straightforward book covers. Not too many swirls, not too many flourishes, and preferably no picture, if I’m honest…

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